6 Pak Newsletter – May 2022

We are back on the river at The American Legion Boat & Canoe Club.
401 N. Park Street NE, Grand Rapids MI 49525 Saturday, May 14th Open to the Public 7pm – 11pm Cover is $7.00 per person You are allowed to bring in or have food delivered.
Absolutely NO BEVERAGES of any type are allowed.
ALL drinks, pop & water must be purchased from this Club.

  Meet the Band Cindy, our drummer, after hearing that the West Michigan Music Hysterical Society (dedicated to preserving the history of the area’s Rock-n-Roll bands) wanted to have a fundraiser, thought it would be “groovy” to get The 6 Pak band back together.  Three of the original members from 1967 agreed. The 6 Pak was reborn after a 4 decade break 😎.  This was to be a one shot deal, but, as fate would have it, the band is celebrating its 9th year of playing all around West Michigan.

Mary, our rhythm guitar player, is now retired from ownership of the Lady’s Designer Outlet stores.  She felt no hesitation at all about revisiting The 6 Pak chapter of her life.  She still can’t believe she is getting a “second chance” to recreate the music that gave her so much pleasure in early teen years.  
RuthAnn, our lead vocalist, is also celebrating a 9 year anniversary with The 6 Pak.  Previously, she was a recording artist with the 60’s bands, “The Footsteps” and “The Invictas”. She says. “Music still has a call on our lives; the rich harmonies, the strong backbeat of that music from our era … I still get lost in it.”

Kimmy, our lead guitarist, is owner of Marten’s Greenhouse for 41 years.  Several years ago her husband dragged her to see The 6 Pak.   She was instantly hooked, and loved to dance, so they went to almost all of our gigs.  After hearing The 6 Pak story, she was inspired to dust off her guitar that had set idle for 25 years and attempted to play again.  Never did she  think she would become a part of this band.

Denise, our bass and flute player, spent her career as a Computer Analyst.  She has traveled extensively, and has worked and lived around the world.  She also holds a 5th Degree Black belt in Karate. Ten years ago she picked up the bass to help a friend’s basement band. She is thrilled to be part of The 6 Pak.   

Kristen, our other lead vocalist, is founder of Evolve Now! – a coaching and consulting company that helps people with business and personal breakthroughs.  She’s also is part of the global personal branding company Brand Builders Group.  Over the years, she has written many spiritually uplifting songs and compiled them into CD’s. She’s married with 2 sons.

Linda, our keyboardist, has had a long satisfying musical career. She currently works on music projects that involve writing, arranging and engraving music.  Unsure that she wanted to revisit the performing band scene, she hesitantly accepted Cindy and Mary’s offer to join the group.  She never realized how much fun it would be to play 60’s Rock and Roll music with these ladies!

Also a shoutout to our wonderful roadies:  Tom, Bob, Rich, Gene and Alan. The 6 Pak
60’s music…all the time…because we lived it!
Cindy, Mary, RuthAnn, Kimmy, Denise, Kristen, and Linda

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